Sunday, February 13, 2011

This one is for the Girls!

This one is for the girls whoever wanted pretty, silky straight hair!  I envied every girl that had that great hair!  My hair has always been so super curly and full of frizz!  Everyone has always told me, “Oh Jaime, I love your curly hair!”  Well I have never loved it!  Ever!  Don’t we always want what everyone else has?  Isn’t funny that we are never satisfied with what we have?  Well I decided to get satisfied with my hair!  Thursday I got the Coppola Keratin Treatment by Kristal Riera in Sulphur Springs, TX.  First let me tell you that I research everything I buy or participate in thoroughly before I do it!  I read over 350 reviews and everyone had nothing but great things to say about this treatment including Kristal.  Kristal also took a special class to learn how to apply this product.  This is very important!  So I decided to take the plunge!  Kristal applied the Coppola Keratin Treatment into my hair and “baked” the product in my hair by the use of a flat iron.  She had to carefully count eight times for each section of hair that she straightened to make sure it the product locked in.  The whole process took about four hours.  Now, I have a lot of hair and it is very thick and long!  It will probably differ depending on your hair situation.  Then I had to wait 72 hours to wash my hair.  I could not put in a pony tail either!  Now this was very hard for me because I am the ponytail queen!  Kristal did give my two silver clips that wouldn’t crease my hair so I could at least pin my bangs back.  So really the 72 hours was not a big deal.  She also re-straightened my hair daily until I could I wash it, just to make sure she got any creases out from sleeping.  Today girls, I got to finally wash my hair!  Generally it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to dry my hair.  Then another 30 minutes to flat iron my hair.  Then I usually can’t flat iron my hair that great so then it takes me another 20 minutes to hot roll it with huge rollers.  After I washed my hair today it took me 10 minutes to blow dry it and it was like I was born with silky straight hair!  I am so amazed!!  I really don’t even have to flat iron it.  But when I do it will only take about 5 to 10 minutes to get that amazing smooth look.  And I won’t have to use hot rollers because my hair is frizz free!!  I did find out that people with frizzy hair are lacking Keratin!  Hmmm…get it?  The Coppola Keratin Treatment?  I crack myself up sometimes!  I am in L-O-V-E with my hair!  Finally, after all of these years.  Isn’t technology great?  This treatment last from 2-6 months.  So I will keep you posted on how long it takes for me to have to get retreated!  But it was worth every penny!!  Now beware, there are knock off treatments that do not work like this product!  I researched those also!  So make sure you are getting the name brand.  You also have to wash and condition your hair with Coppola Keratin shampoo and conditioner which is sulfate free.  Sulfate free products do not lather.  It’s a little strange to not have shampoo suds up, but my hair is super clean!  I will post pictures on here as soon as I learn how to post pictures on my blog! =) As Kristal says, you get what you pay for ladies!  You’re the best Kristal!  Thanks for making my dreams come true!  And my rambling session comes to an end today!  Happiness comes from different spectrums of life, and great hair defiantly raises my happy meter!

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